Livewell advisor, Darminder nominated Mark Robbins for August’s Client of the Month.

“I’m walking my way to a lighter me.”

Getting back into walking not only helped Mark Robbins lose over 8 stone, it also took him on a journey to health and happiness….

Tragically losing his wife nine years ago, Mark felt so low that he contemplated taking his own life.  Not being able to see a future for himself, Mark piled on the pounds over several years, reaching 23 stone at his heaviest.  His trigger point to change came when he couldn’t walk down his street without getting out of breath.

“I’d loved walking as a youngster and had fond memories of family walks in the countryside.  Barely reaching the end of my road before resting made me review my life and I decided I wanted to be fitter and healthier.  I gradually built up my walking day by day and was delighted when the weight dropped off.  However, after losing 6 and a half stone my weight loss plateaued so I sought Livewell’s help to keep going.

Luckily Livewell runs a range of free health walks across the city and the Tuesday Darley one suited me best.  Walk leaders, Sharon and Bill are so friendly and welcoming that I started to look forward to my weekly chats with them.  Within weeks I was walking daily, covering distances of 5 to 7 miles each day.”

Driven Mark also attends the Boyer Street drop-ins to get weighed and receives helpful support and advice from advisors, Darminder and Joe.  He’s only missed one so far and is proud to have lost 9% of his body weight in his three months with Livewell.

“Changing the way I eat and being more active has seen the weight drop off.  I love food but eating well doesn’t have to be boring.  Red meat is now a treat and I tuck into much more fruit and veg.  I’ve got a little bit more weight to shift before I’m at my target but at 14 stone 10lbs I’m the lightest I’ve been for more than 20 years.”  

Well done to Mark who shows that it’s possible to be fit and healthy through every day activity like walking.  Best of all it’s free!

For a list of Livewell’s free led walks available to everyone (not just Livewell clients), visit Walk Well Derby

Image of Mark Robbins - August Client of the Month