Livewell supports many health promotions and the #SmearForSmear campaign during Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (20-26 January) is very close to our heart with former team member, Katie sharing her story below.  Find out the facts not the myths at Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust.

Katie's story....

At 33 years old I have always booked and gone for my cervical smear test since the age of 21. My first test did initially suggest abnormal results but after a re-test 6 months later, I was assured everything was ok. 

Since then I have had two beautiful children and had two more cervical smears which were both normal.  So, in October 2018 when I hadn’t heard anything from my most recent test I thought everything was still fine.  But, I had a call to go for a colposcopy, which is an examination to take a closer look at your cervix and is usually done if a cervical screening (a smear test) finds cell changes (abnormal cells).  The consultant explained to me that my results had shown a low level of abnormal cells but he wanted to send off a biopsy.  The result came back with a high grade CIN3, which showed high grade pre-cancerous cells.  I was very scared and frightened thinking the worst, but also felt lucky that they had found this before it had developed into cancer.

I have since had a small treatment which has got rid of these cells and 6 months later my smear test is back to normal.  This has been such a relief to me as I suffer from health anxiety and so it was a really scary time, but I know that I have a family that needs me to keep healthy and protect myself and by going regularly for a cervical smear I am doing just that. 

My message is - please get checked ladies, it could save your life.

Katie x