Welcome to our new monthly feature to celebrate our clients’ success and inspire others on their lifestyle journeys. Please talk to your advisor if you’d like to be nominated or would like to recommend a fellow client. 

 “I conquered constant pain to be healthier and happier.”

Jules Robinson was nominated for our first award by Health Check advisor, Cathy.  She’s lost 2 stone and 8lbs since joining in September and has overcome debilitating injuries from a fall 43 years ago to gain a new lease of life. 

Jules (55) joined Livewell’s Workwell programme for Council staff in September last year.  She had endured decades of pain following a severe horse riding accident that left her with a damaged pelvis and in constant agony, taking a cocktail of 400 drugs.  From 1976 she could do very little exercise and had to be carried upstairs despite years of physio and treatment.  Over the years, Julie’s weight crept up until a pivotal moment made her reassess her lifestyle.  

“A couple of years ago I was getting ready for my daughter’s friend’s wedding, choosing a favourite dress I had worn for my 50th.  Trying to pull the zip up I realised I was stuck and broke the zip out of sheer frustration.  I decided that was the final straw and I was going to lose weight.  Seeking advice from my doctor, I tried a low carb diet and gradually started shedding some pounds. 

Having a Livewell health MOT nine months ago at work compounded my decision to keep going.  Thankfully I qualified for the programme so I started attended the exercise classes and getting support from the advisors. 

Since then I’ve dropped at least two dress sizes and I love how my clothes fit.  I joined Livewell’s Couch 2 5k course and graduated in March.  Discovering jogging has been fantastic.  I run distances of 4-11k four times a week and I’ve even joined four different running clubs.  In addition, I do circuits and boxing, exercising for around two hours each day.  I would never have believed I could be so fit!

I’ve had so much motivation and encouragement from everyone, it’s amazing.  The best thing is that my pain has gone so I no longer take any tablets at all.”

Jules with her dress two sizes larger that she couldn't fit into two years ago.

Jules Robinson with the dress two sizes larger