Please read important changes to our services below afffected by Covid-19 (updated 5 Jan 2021):

Weight Loss Programmes 

Derby residents can still apply for our adult weight management programmes and Live IT programme for children.  These include:

Things are a little different on our Lose Weight programmes with all sessions, groups and support delivered virtually or over the phone.  All face to face sessions are suspended until further notice.  These include activation meetings, exercises classes, weigh-in 1-1s and gym inductions.  Leisure centres are also closed and Walking for Health walking groups have stopped.  Current clients will be given extra time on the programme in addition to any extra time they may have received during the first two lockdowns.

Stopping Smoking

Because smoking harms the immune system, smokers are less protected against infections like coronavirus.  The good news is that it's never too late to quit. People registered to a Derby doctors can apply and book a telephone appointment to stop smoking online.

We are offering telephone support to both existing and future stop smoking clients with home delivery options for Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Champix prescription requests will need to be collected from clients’ local pharmacies. Advisors will communicate treatment pick up/collection arrangements with their clients.

NHS Health Checks

This service is currently suspended.  Please check out our blood pressure fact sheet for helpful information.

We are available to answer any questions by phone (01332 641254) or email: but please note we may take longer than usual to get back to you due to staff shortages.

We will use our Facebook and Twitter pages and website to communicate helpful tips, exercise ideas to try at home, wellbeing advice and changes to the service as new information becomes available. 

Check out the latest information and advice about Coronavirus (COVID-19)