Fantastic Start to Life Changing Journey for Courtney

December’s Client of the Month, Courtney Kirk is only two months into her weight loss journey but her commitment to embrace everything Livewell has to offer has already seen her lose 4 kilos and 4% of her body weight.

The hotel housekeeper and busy mum of three from Derby walks miles to attend Livewell’s circuits on a Saturday morning, doing a double session before trekking the 1.5 miles home in all weathers.  Advisors estimate that she burns almost 1000 calories during this one morning of activity alone. 

Courtney also walks to the Tuesday evening drop-in at Whitecross Community Room every week without fail to get weighed and receive encouragement from advisors Aimee and Sufyaan, who nominated her.

Courtney joined Livewell in October after her GP recommended the service for long term weight loss: 

“I was sick of years of yo-yo dieting.  I’d lost nearly 30 kilos in 2018 for a friend’s wedding but put it all on and more after my hysterectomy operation earlier this year.   My joints were aching and I was breathless trying to keep on top of my active job.  As a single mum I can’t afford the weekly meeting fees diet clubs charge and I’m not sure they work anyway.  It was a relief to be given a different option.

Change for good

Stepping on the scales with Aimee by my side, I realised how desperately I wanted to change, not just for me but for my children’s future.  I was encouraged to try the Livewell exercise sessions and despite finding the first session hard, the volunteers and advisors made me feel at ease and soon I was giggling along with them.

I’ve discovered boxing, swimming and circuits which I would never have tried without Livewell and I feel so much better after a workout.  Endorphins have become my friends! 

I look forward to the Tuesday drop-ins.  Even when I arrive feeling fed up, Aimee spurs me on, she’s so positive and reassuring that I leave ready to take on the next week and see the numbers on the scales drop.

As a family, we’ve started to change the way we eat, being careful with portion sizes and tucking into more veg with our meals.  A bit of planning ensures we enjoy healthy nutritious meals.  My slow cooker, like me, has a new lease of life!

2020 will be my year 

In January I want to sign up for the Lose Weight Feel Great course and hopefully try Derby Joggers Couch to 5k courses.  I never thought I could be a runner but now I believe anything is possible.”

Image of Courtney with advisor Aimee