Lose Weight Feel Great

well done! you’ve just taken the first step to losing weight...

Get 12 months’ free support to help you lose weight sensibly and keep it off.

Lose Weight Feel Great is a flexible, tailored and personal plan that supports you to lose weight and stay healthy, by addressing your eating and exercise habits.

This includes:

  • 1-2-1 support to create a tailored weight management plan taking into account your personal situation.
  • Regular support and encouragement to help you self monitor weight, eating and activity levels.
  • An 8-week Lose Weight Feel Great course focusing on healthy weight management proven to help lose weight.
  • Group support with like-minded people, to share and learn from each other.
  • Fun, free Livewell exercise activities run in local communities.
  • Support to help manage any specific medical conditions alongside losing weight.

The effects of quick-fix diets often don't last, as many people fall back into old eating and activity habits after the weight is lost. If you find your weight is going back up again, it's time to take action...

With support from Livewell, you’ve got an 89% chance of keeping that weight off - for good.

What’s more, our advisors really do care about your health and wellbeing. They’re dedicated to supporting you to lose weight, your way in your own time.

keep weight off for good!

Livewell is funded to help as many individuals as possible in Derby to live a healthier lifestyle. Due to high demand for our programmes, Livewell cannot accept applications from people who have previously been on our weight or exercise programmes.

meet Keisha

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meet tonye

Tonye made small changes to her eating habits to lose weight! Click here to find out how she did it.