Derby Joggers (part of Jog Derbyshire) offer Couch to 5k 9-week courses designed for beginners to gradually build up their running ability so they can eventually run 5km without stopping.  They are open to everyone, not just Livewell clients.  

The plan involves three runs each week - one is completed as a group led by Jog Derbyshire leaders, who are also Livewell volunteers and have been through the course themselves - the other two are carried out independently. 

The next courses will start in January 2020.  Each group also provides friendly running sessions (offered all year round) as a progression route for those that graduate or for people with some jogging experience.

To book a place, please contact the Jog Leader directly, email: or post a message at the Derby Joggers Facebook Group

Derby Joggers Alvaston with Norman Todd
Call/text:  07940226491
Couch to 5k course starts on Monday 6 January at 6pm 
Run and C25k Mon at 6pm from Pride Leisure Car Park (formerly DW Sports), Pride Park

Derby Joggers Oakwood with Andy Varney
Call/text: 07736361263
Couch to 5k course starts on Thursday 9 January at 6pm 
Run and C25k Thurs at 6pm from Springwood Leisure Centre (meet in reception)

Derby Joggers Mackworth with Lee Blurton
Text/WhatsApp:  07447667322
Couch to 5k course starts on Saturday 11 January at 8am
Run and C25k Sat at 8am from Mackworth Youth and Community Centre