Many parents in Derby are concerned about their children’s health and diet and may be unaware of the weight management support available to them for FREE.

In partnership with Derby County Community Trust, Livewell offers a fun 12-month programme for children aged five to 17 years called Live IT, which combines healthy eating messages with exciting ways to keep fit. 

Making life easier for parents

Stephanie Thompson who leads the Live IT programme said:  "We love to motivate kids to move and educate them on what they’re eating and drinking with the aim of making parents' lives a lot easier at meal times.  We also offer support for parents on how to help their child achieve and maintain a healthy weight by making healthier choices, getting more active as a family and spending less time sitting."

Kalina’s story

9-year-old Kalina Campbell has been on the programme for nine months.  In that time she’s lost weight, improved her physical activity levels and her supportive parents have got behind the programme and her efforts.  Although, as a family, they’ve always tried to eat healthily, Kalina’s attendance at these sessions has helped her to make better food choices as well as take an interest in new recipe ideas. As a result, she has been encouraging them all to try different fruit and vegetables, as well as other alternative healthy foods.

Joe Campbell, Kalina’s dad said:

“Kalina started the programme after being recommended to the sessions by her school. She enjoys it and is excited to come every week to see her friends, take part in the games and just be involved.

I think Kalina has improved her fitness levels and is certainly very motivated.  She swims twice a week, attends the Live IT club and has tried new clubs at school too. Kalina encourages us to go to the gym on a Saturday morning, so it’s great for all of us.  She has even written us a grid to fill in every week so we make sure we’re doing all our exercise!”


Parents/carers can find out more through meetings at Oxygen Freejumping Trampoline Park where they can chat to the team whilst their child enjoys a free bounce.

Find out more and sign up here.