Do you know your risk of high blood pressure?

High blood pressure usually has no symptoms, which is why is it often referred to as the silent killer. The only way to know you have it is to have a check. Therefore in 2018 we want to encourage ALL family members to check their blood pressure, so if detected, it can be easily treated thereby reducing your risk of a stroke or heart disease.

Blood Pressure UK's #KnowYourNumbers Week is the UK's biggest and most far reaching blood pressure testing event and awareness week. Each year, hundreds of "Pressure Stations" offer free blood pressure checks across the UK, enabling thousands of people to get a free blood pressure check. It encourages adults across the UK to know their blood pressure numbers and take the necessary action to reach and maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Visit Livewell in the reception area of the Council House on Monday 10th September for your free blood pressure check.

Our friendly team will also be at Tesco Metro on St Peter's Street on Wednesday 12th September and Tesco Mickleover on Thursday 13th September.  Come along between 9am and 4pm to find out your numbers.

Livewell offers free NHS Health Checks for 40 to 74 year olds in Derby.  This potentially life saving appointment can give you your risks of developing heart problems in the future as well as your heart age.  Find out more and apply here.