Bubbly Christine worked in two of the world’s biggest cities before settling here in Derby.  Passionate about cooking, cycling and the outdoors, Christine enjoys working with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Read about Christine’s fascinating career and creative flair which led to her joining Livewell’s Customer Contact Team in October 2020.


I started my career in India working at the British High Commission and British Council helping process UK visas and promoting British culture to Indians through books, digital media, workshops, seminars and events. Little did I know that I was going to make the UK my home in a few years. Moving to Derby was a bit of a culture shock after living in two big cities, Chennai and San Francisco. Having lived here for almost a decade now, I can say without a doubt that this quaint city has grown on me and I love how much character it has. I later landed a job at a student accommodation for the University of Nottingham where I developed my skills in marketing, graphic designing, customer service and event managing.

I have worked with people from different backgrounds, cultures, age groups and I love the diversity and the fact that everyone is unique and special in their own way.

Job role 

I am a Customer Contact Team Assistant in the Livewell team. I help manage appointments, process applications and deal with enquiries on the phone, by email and through social media. I also post the Monday Motivational quotes you see on Facebook and Twitter!

Me in 3 words

Creative, Adventurous and Passionate.

My favourite meal

Chicken Chow Mein and pan-fried dumplings.

My passions/interests

I love to cook and try out new recipes while listening to some good rock and roll music. I enjoy getting on my bike, exploring new places and going on walks in the Peak District.

My best achievement

Being a mother to my two amazing children who are 5 and 3 years old. I love them to bits although they do drive me up the wall sometimes!

What you might be surprised to hear about me

When I was 18, a lady tried to steal my wallet whilst I got off a bus! I jumped into a tuk-tuk, followed the bus and caught her red-handed with my wallet and took her to the police. To my surprise the police were on the lookout for her as she was a serial pick pocket and profusely thanked me! Not sure I’ve still got the same nerves but still have the same desire for justice!

My top lifestyle tips

I try and build healthy activities into my everyday routine. Even a short walk during my lunch break or a cycle ride to work can make a massive difference to my physical and mental well-being and my productivity at work.

My favourite quote

Take each day as it comes, hope for the best and enjoy the ride.

 Image of Christine with her bike