Easygoing Mitchell is the latest addition to Livewell’s Customer Contact Team.  Joining in September 2019, he’s already made a positive impact on clients who tell us they like his soothing telephone manner!  So when Livewell next calls to book your review, listen out to see if it’s our mild mannered colleague.


I have spent most my time at the University of Derby as both a staff member and student, studying towards my BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science. I have a varied amount of experience supporting people both at the University and around Derby. You may also recognise me from Move More Derby classes, as I volunteer throughout the week.

Your job role with Livewell

I work in Livewell's Customer Contact Team talking to all our Livewell clients and making sure you have the best experience possible.  It's likely to be me or my colleague that calls to book your reviews and other appointments.

Me in 3 words

Patient, Friendly and Understanding.

Favourite meal

A Full-English breakfast (hands down).


I am passionate about wellbeing, especially when it comes to mental health and healthy eating. I have also started running more regularly since working at Livewell as it seems most of my colleagues enjoy a jog! #MondaysAreRundays.

Best achievement

Presenting my independent research study at the British Association of Sport and Exercise Science Conference in Newcastle.

What you might be surprised to know

I have a scar shaped like a scorpion on my elbow.

My top lifestyle tip

Go to bed and get up at the same time every day and if you don’t fall asleep then leave your bedroom and do something relaxing (i.e. read or listen to soothing music).

My favourite motivational quotes

“Consistency doesn’t mean never messing up, it means never giving up.”

“Failure is not the opposite of success; it’s part of success.”