Please extend a hearty welcome to our new team member – Pip. Hailing from Norfolk, Pip bravely upped sticks on her own during the pandemic to relocate to Beeston, taking on a Health and Wellbeing Advisor role for Livewell and Parkdale Primary Care Network.  Adventurous Pip is passionate about music, seafood and running.  Find out what else makes her tick!


I’m very fresh into my career, after graduating from Loughborough University in 2019 with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science I worked for the National Diabetes Prevention Programme, supporting people who were pre-diabetic to reduce their blood sugar with positive lifestyle changes. This job gave me great experience but there is always more to learn and coming into this role has allowed me to progress my career further in this amazing industry!

Job Role

My job as a health and wellbeing coach is to support patients suffering from long term conditions to better manage their own health and build the knowledge, skills, and confidence to do this. Whether it be increasing physical activity or managing stress better, whatever it is, my job is to encourage patients to make quality, long-lasting changes that matter to them.

Me in 3 words

Driven, fun, adventurous

My favourite meal

Anything with seafood…calamari is my absolute favourite food!

My passions/interests

I love music and was gifted a record player for Christmas so have quickly become an avid record collector! I’m always reading some sort of autobiography, they’re my favourite type of book! I’m currently reading Eddie Jones’, which is a great one for any sports fans… Louis Theroux’s is also a personal favourite. I love to run, I have found some great running spots when moving here but coming from Norfolk, I’m not used to facing so many hills!

My best achievement

Leaving Norfolk and moving here, on my own, to go for a job I knew I would love and to experience new things and meet new people.

What you might be surprised to hear about me

I spent a year as a kayak instructor at a kid’s outdoor centre, an amazing job but I couldn’t live with the crazy tan lines any longer!

My top lifestyle tips

Write it down! Even if it’s small goal, grab yourself a little journal/diary/notepad and jot it down…never underestimate how good it will feel when you can tick it off.

Not all health goals are diet and exercise, think about incorporating time for things you enjoy…looking after your mind, makes looking after your body so much easier.

My favourite quote

Nothing truly great ever comes from your comfort zone!

Meet the Team - Pip walking