Clients - do you suffer from knee or hip pain?

Join our virtual ESCAPE-Pain course.

If you're a LIvewell client and suffer with osteoarthritis, then this course is for you. Find out information to better manage knee and/or hip pain and take part in a gentle, individualised exercise programme that matches your needs and pace from the comfort of your home.

ESCAPE-pain stands for Enabling Self-management and Coping with Arthritic Pain through Exercise and is a rehabilitation programme providing education and exercise to help and encourage people with self-management of their pain. ESCAPE-pain is approved by NICE and supported by NHS England and Arthritis Research UK. It’s a group programme tailored to individual needs with strong evidence to support the benefits of taking part in regular exercise and education for self-management.

It’s important that you attend all the sessions (Tues and Thurs for 5 weeks) to get the most out of the programme to help reduce pain and improve mobility and wellbeing safely.

  • Sessions are delivered twice weekly; across an interactive platform which allows facilitators and participants to speak to one another. 
  • There is a fixed cohort starting and finishing together.
  • The education and exercise sessions are done in real time (not using videos).

Clients will need to be able to provide data online at the first and last appointment and all resources will be emailed. You will be contacted the week before to discuss data collection, information on how to prepare for the exercise, possible equipment needed, how to use Skype, and address of where you will be exercising in case of medical emergency. 

Our next courses, which are delivered in real time on Skype start on:

  • Tuesday 22 September, 1-2pm 
  • Tuesday 10 November, 1-2pm

To book please contact your advisor or email


Client feedback...

"There was obvious improvement in strength, balance and confidence around the knees after a few weeks of exercises. This provided the kick start I required to participate in further exercise in my own time."

"The course was excellent, it was holistic, theory as well as practice covered. It was well paced, pitched at the right level, and enjoyable – effective without being over strenuous."

"The sessions provided a gentle variety of exercises, there was support and guidance on good technique and the instructors were informative and helpful."