Starts Monday 15 November

Get involved in our daily challenges from Monday 15 November by planning your shopping and searching for new recipes. We will also be posting recipe ideas to try that day or in the future on our Facebook page, Facebook group and Twitter. This week-long challenge is a great introduction to recipes and skills to help you improve your long term nutrition.

Make it Monday – Cook a meal from  scratch

Try it Tuesday – Try a new recipe or new foods you have not before

World Wednesday – Cook foods from a different country

Thirsty Thursday – Drink 2 litres of water

Water helps lubricate the joints, regulate temperature, aids in weight loss, helps kidneys function properly, carries nutrients in the blood, builds and repairs the body as well as keeping us hydrated. Like food is fuel for the body, water is like the oil to keep everything running well. Some foods also contribute to your 2L, however you could not get enough through food alone. Try having watermelon, cucumber, strawberries, tomatoes or soups to add to your water content.

Try different ways to make water taste better
Chicken noodle soup (with ginger to help with colds)

Fresh Friday – Eat your 5 fruit and veg

Salad Saturday – Include salads in your meals

Switch it up Sunday – Switch an unhealthy snack/meal to an alternative

Nutrition November calendar image