Advisor Suf nominated Sue for embracing every Livewell opportunity to keep fit and healthy over lockdown.  But it wasn't all plain sailing for Sue - read her inspiring story:

The start of the Spring lockdown was a difficult time for most of us with changes to our routines and negative hits to our motivation that saw many of us reaching for comfort food and exercising less.

Sue explains how life changed for her and the steps she took to better her habits:

“Working from home most days meant a big change to my daily routine. I wasn’t exercising as much, didn’t always plan meals, ate far too much and soon started to put weight on. I got to the stage where I needed to do something about it and get back on track.

In June I decided to keep a food diary which Suf checked for me.  He suggested a few changes, including increasing my water intake. Around the same time I started the daily challenges Suf sent out each week, which targeted different muscle groups and then progressed to mini body workouts and I haven’t stopped since!

When the outdoor exercise sessions started, I quickly booked on and haven’t looked back.  I’ve squatted, lunged, planked and star jumped myself to fitness, not missing a week in the last three months.  I’ve enjoyed seeing others in the small groups and enjoying the fresh air – there’s evidence that exercising outside gives a mental health boost beyond that of indoor gyms.

The virtual support has been great too.  I’ve been involved with all the various discussions, weekly weigh ins, exercises sessions, recipe swaps and tips through the Facebook support group and Skype.

All this has helped me to lose one and a half stone since the end of June.  I still have a lot more to go but I’m feeling more confident about sustaining the changes to get there.

Pre-pandemic with Livewell, I enjoyed trying out different fitness classes, popping into the regular weigh-in sessions, attending the Lose Weight Feel Great course (very informative), and I’ve met some amazing people too.

The advisors are really helpful, knowledgeable and motivating; they always have time to answer any questions and queries that you might have.

I’d say to everyone - get involved with all aspects of Livewell. Find the things that you enjoy - you can get so much out of it to achieve a fitter, slimmer and healthier lifestyle.  I found Livewell by chance and am so happy I did!”