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Norman lost half his body weight with Livewell 4 years ago.  Now he’s a Livewell volunteer and jog/cycling leader supporting other people to change their lifestyles.

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A new season is just around the corner so it’s a great time to reassess your lifestyle and commit to small changes that could transform your life.

Having already supported over 15,000 people in Derby to lose weightstop smoking and improve their health, Livewell could help you to achieve your goals. 

Gary Harrison was nominated by advisor, Cathy.  His self-motivation to lose the pounds and reduce his blood pressure was the key reason she felt he deserved the award.  In the last year, he’s lost one and a half stone (11% of his body weight) and reduced his blood pressure from high to the ideal range.  He’s now a regular at Springwood Leisure Centre’s gym, working out three to four times a week.

The 54-year- old from Chaddesden works at Streetpride as a gardener with the grounds maintenance team.  Despite his active job, he’d seen his weight gradually pile on in recent years. 

Starting BMI: 46:04

End BMI: 33.96

Weight loss (after 12 months): 37 kilos (5st 11lbs)

Advisor:  Joe Wilkinson

Losing over a quarter of her body weight coupled with a strong determination to succeed led Livewell Coordinator, Paul McGinty to nominate Amanda Ellis for January’s client of the month.

I love being a healthy role model to my daughter.

New year is a key time for people to re-evaluate their lifestyle and make changes and Livewell's Now You Can campaign aims to empower people to do just that! 

We're really proud to have supported over 15,000 people in Derby to lose weight, stop smoking and improve their health. 

Fantastic Start to Life Changing Journey for Courtney

December’s Client of the Month, Courtney Kirk is only two months into her weight loss journey but her commitment to embrace everything Livewell has to offer has already seen her lose 4 kilos and 4% of her body weight.

The hotel housekeeper and busy mum of three from Derby walks miles to attend Livewell’s circuits on a Saturday morning, doing a double session before trekking the 1.5 miles home in all weathers.  Advisors estimate that she burns almost 1000 calories during this one morning of activity alone. 

Livewell clients peeled, chopped, whizzed and sizzled up a delicious spread during our Winter Cook and Eat session with Rania, Aimee and the Livewell team/volunteers.

Gwilym was nominated by advisor, Aimee for his amazing commitment to his weight loss journey which helped him to manage the effects prostate cancer and its treatment had on his health and wellbeing.

The 62-year-old from Stenson Fields was diagnosed in 2016 and after two years of treatment is now in remission.  However, hormone therapy had left Gwilym one and half stone heavier, increasing his waist measurement from 38 to 44 inches. 

Livewell coordinator, Dawn and advisor, Sufyaan nominated Rikki Warrington for July’s Client of the Month.

“I love being a healthy role model to my daughter.”

Determined Rikki has almost completed her 12 month journey with Livewell, losing 10% of her body weight (1 stone 8lbs), dropping two dress sizes and achieving her dream of being able to run 10k.

The 41 year old joined Livewell after her NHS Health Check flagged a high BMI, giving her the opportunity to join the service’s weight loss programme.