Christmas is only weeks away and the lead up to the festive season can be tricky for those who have recently given up smoking. During this period of work parties, visiting friends and families, we tend to drink more and relax letting our guard down. Our inhabitations are reduced,and we do not think as clearly as we normally would. The build up to Christmas can also be stressful, as we try to find the perfect gifts, spend more money than normal, manage excited children, and we try to ensure the big day goes smoothly. Here are some tips from advisor, Andy Varney to help you stay smoke free:

1, Don’t be tempted to have a drag on a cigarette. Even just one drag can lead to you starting smoking again and smoking as many as you used to.

2, Remember your distraction techniques for when cravings strike.  Our Will Power chat bot has games and tips to help.

3, Think about what you can do when you are out, and your friends/work colleagues go outside for a cigarette

4, Remember your reason(s) for wanting to stop smoking.  Write them down and keep them handy to look at.

5, Think about what you have achieved so far and how well you have done.  The NHS Quit Smoking app allows you to track your progress and see how much you’re saving.

6, Make sure you have enough of your NRT products to see you through the season.

7, If you feel like you are getting stressed, move away from the situation, practice deep breathing or go for a walk.

8, Use your Livewell advisor if/when needed. Sometimes a quick phone call or text message is enough to stop you from having a cigarette.

9, Be kind to yourself and congratulate yourself. Buy a special present with the money you’ve saved, which you can only have if you stay smoke free.