Take part in our new 10 for 10 Fitness Challenge to stay motivated, burn calories and build your fitness during lockdown.

All you need to do is at least 10 minutes of exercise for 10 days starting on Monday 16 November

Choose from any activity that gets your heart pumping such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling or a home workout.  If you’re already being active every day, why not add an extra 10 minutes of something you wouldn’t normally do such as a strength workout?

You can get inspiration from our YouTube Fast Abs and Boxwell classes on Tuesday and Thursday each week, our Work Out Wednesday routines on our Facebook page or our live exercise sessions on our Facebook Weight Management Group on Monday and Wednesday.

Check out our November activity programme on our homepage for a full list of virtual sessions.

Your advisor will support you through the challenge and once you complete it, we’ll email you a certificate.

We’d love to see your activities so please share your comments and photos on our social media.

What you need to do to take part:

  • Email, call or text your advisor to say you’d like to join the 10 for 10 challenge.
  • Your advisor will check in and offer support throughout the 10 days to help you stay on track.
  • Complete your 10 minutes of exercise/fitness every day from 16 to 25 November.
  • Share your progress on our social media (optional).
  • Email, call or text your advisor with the activities you’ve completed on or after 25 November.
  • Get your well-done certificate by email.
  • Share a photo of yourself with your certificate on our social media (optional).

Volunteers are also welcome to join – email livewell@derby.gov.uk with details of your completed activities to receive your certificate and don’t forget to share your progress on our social media!