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Activities and Drop-ins

Forever Active timetable

Activity timetable for Forever Active clients.

Client booklets

Well-being booklet

Top advice for leading a healthier lifestyle.

Client booklets

Livewell Journey Booklet

Record your goals, weight loss and more in this handy booklet.

Activities and Drop-ins

Live IT over 12s activity timetable

Fun activities for young people over 12 on the Live IT programme.

Activities and Drop-ins

Live IT under 12s activity timetable

Fun evening activities for under 12s on the Live IT programme.


Wellness membership

Join our exclusive 12-month gym, swim and workout membership for clients at the end of their Livewell journey.

Activities and Drop-ins

Lose weight/Activities and Drop-ins

Exercise sessions, walks, Couch to 5k, Lose Weight Feel Great courses, health hubs and drop-ins.

Activities and Drop-ins

Stop Smoking/Activities and Drop-ins

Sessions for you to get support from our friendly team.

Client booklets

Livewell Commitment Agreement

The commitment you need to get the most out of your programme.