BMI reduction: 32.8 to 25 (now in healthy range)

Weight lost: 25.8 kilos (4 stone)

“Joining Livewell has helped me overhaul my lifestyle – I’ve lost nearly a quarter of my bodyweight in 10 months and feel so much better for it.”

Father of three, Max has lost a staggering four stone and 6 inches from his waist after eating more mindfully, loading his plate with vegetables and heading to the gym after work.

Committed to his healthy habits, Max is reaping lots of benefits including lowering his high blood pressure and cholesterol to a healthy range, reducing his back pain and being able to hike his favourite Peak District routes without getting out of breath.

The 62-year-old was referred to Livewell by his GP who suggested losing some weight could ease the symptoms and reduce the possible need for surgery from his painful health conditions which include spinal disc/nerve compression, gallstones, hernia and enlarged prostate.

“Being overweight was taking a toll on my health.  Keen to address my health challenges I was willing to try anything, particularly if it meant not taking medication which I try to avoid.  When the GP mentioned Livewell, I was enthusiastic to give it a go!

I joined the new starter group in Allenton last March.  With Gemma’s and Andy’s support I structured my eating habits, started planning ahead and swapped unhealthy foods for more vegetables, salad, fruit and oily fish.  5-a-day is more like 10-a-day for me now! I enjoy a colourful, high-fibre diet packed with vitamins and minerals which give me more energy.

Livewell’s Wellbeing Workshops taught me how to be more mindful when planning my meals, shopping and when I eat, take stock of my hunger levels and be more attentive to my satiety levels.  Using this approach means I don’t feel hungry.

Stepping on the scales every couple of weeks at a drop-in session, I was able to see the number go down.  After losing some weight and completing the commitment card - a reward programme to unlock free leisure centre access - I was keen to book a gym induction at Derby Arena in August last year.

My tailored gym programme combines resistance and cardio training and has been refreshed a couple of times since to make it harder as my strength and stamina have improved.  After a busy day at work, I love nothing more than a stress busting workout which I do two to four times a week without fail.

Walking is a big part of my down time and being able to enjoy longer endurance hikes is great.  As the weight dropped off and my fitness improved, I’ve found I can scale hills with ease and complete 15-mile walks again. 

Nearly at the end of my Livewell programme, I can honestly say I feel a different person.  The health problems are still there but I feel far more supple and agile and I’m not in the pain I was.

To find out that my heart age is four years younger than my real age at a Health Check appointment with Livewell last month was the icing on the cake.    

My grown-up children are all sporty and are proud their dad can keep up with them.  It’s evidence that it’s never too late to make changes and the habits I’ve formed mean I can live healthier for longer.”

Livewell Advisor, Andy Varney said:

"From the first week of the activation we could see Max was eager to get his Livewell journey underway. He asked questions and really took on board the discussions each week. Max has attended regular drop-ins to keep himself on track and has taken part in the wellbeing workshops to ensure he gets as much out of his membership as possible. It's great to see Max's improvements to his health conditions and it shows what can be achieved by making small lifestyle changes."