The March virtual activation group have all lost at least 5% of their body weight in three months which is an amazing achievement.

Two members have lost 9% and the combined group of seven has lost 52.8 kilos (8st 4lbs).

Advisor Joe, who led the activation nominated the group for their joint commitment to getting stuck into what we offer here at Livewell.

Our online activations work similarly to our real-life ones, running over four consecutive weeks, and exploring different themes for healthy and sustained weight loss. They provide a solid grounding to clients’ 12-month programmes.

Well done to them all.   

When asked what has helped and gone well for them so far, here’s what they had to say:

“Losing 1stone and 4llbs and still going! I’ve learnt how to lose weight properly with Joe at the nutrition sessions which might sound a bit daft but that’s what I couldn’t do before Livewell.  I’ve been able to get answers to questions about staying motivated and how to manage cravings, portion sizes, calories, exercise, health etc. I always gave up before because it was just about food but Livewell gives holistic education. I’m motivated to eat better now which will hopefully prevent serious health issues. I cook food 99% of the time now. That’s how I control my calorie, salt, sugar and fat intake. I love knowing I’m not going to fall off the wagon because I’ve successfully changed my attitude from me ‘being on a diet’ to me having ‘changed my lifestyle’.” Julie

“I would definitely say the support - my motivation has increased more since joining. I actually enjoy going to the classes and as much as some days I can’t be bothered, especially if it’s been a long day, once I’ve been I’m glad I have done it and feel much better in myself.” Aisha

Advisor advice and support is good. The Wednesday classes in the evening as I can get to them due to work and also being able to use the gym.” Mark

“Knowing that you will be checking in on us and the access to classes and the leisure centres." Manjit

“The 4-week online group support was good, kind of spurred us on.  The team has been very approachable and supportive with information on a weekly basis. Being able to join the activation at home was handy for me as my job isn't always 9-5 and is often very demanding. The Facebook group has been beneficial also.”  Jolene

“The 4-week group sessions really helped get me started.” Nicola

“I've started to lose weight. For a year I wasn't able to walk more than 2 minutes without being in incredible pain from my sciatica. Now I can walk a good 30 minutes to an hour (as long as it's flat!) before HAVING to sit down. Now I can walk every day without issue.” Michelle