Easter is a day of celebration and let's face it, we all deserve some light relief. However, it can be easy to go overboard so here are some tips for a guilt-free weekend. 

  • Incorporate healthier meals into the long weekend. Check our easy Rosemary and lamb hotpot and other recipes.
  • Set time aside each day to take part in a home workout from our YouTube Channel
  • Plan a simple obstacle course in the garden or even the living room and give it a fun Easter theme. Lots of hopping, skipping, eggs on spoons, egg throwing and catching.
  • Opt for dark chocolate or small individually wrapped eggs.
  • Be mindful about your eating - there are around 900 calories in an average 180gsm egg including contents. To burn this off, you'd need to complete 116 minutes of burpees or run for an hour and a half. 
  • Consider the empty calories in alcohol and drink within sensible limits - choose low alcohol drinks, make delicious mocktails, select a smaller wine glass, use low calorie mixers and alternate your tipple with soft drinks/water.
  • Keep the family busy and entertained with Derby City Council's Easter family activities programme.