Helping people realise their health goals isn’t just a job for advisor, Emma, it’s a passion!  Our new pre and postnatal specialist is supporting mums-to-be and new mums to stop smoking and enjoy healthier lifestyles through safe exercise and balanced nutrition.  An exercise enthusiast, Emma loves to travel and has lots of personal achievements she’s proud of including being a mum and sky diving!  Find out more about our adventurous team member.


I have been working in the health and fitness industry now for over 10 years. I studied Public Health Nutrition at University and immediately went on to gain my qualifications in fitness and personal training. This enabled me to work with clients on both aspects of health and sports performance.  I started in a gym environment supporting clients with both their nutrition and exercise goals, working with individuals and groups of people. This gave me the experience of working with a range of different clients who all had a range of different needs and goals.

I have spent the last few years specialising in different population groups such as older adults, and now have moved into pre and postnatal. I eat, sleep and breathe health and fitness it’s not just a job for me, I see it through in my daily life and I am passionate about supporting people to make real, sustainable changes.

Job Role

Pre and postnatal specialist advisor working with ladies who are pregnant or have given birth in the last year.  I support them to enjoy healthier pregnancies and a healthier lifestyle beyond that through our nutrition, physical activity and stop smoking service.

Me in three words

Caring, Understanding, Realistic

My favourite meal

Fish pie with a twist- a sweet potato and mustard topping which is super tasty!

My passion/interests

Exercise - I love exercise/dancing/training/competition/walking- I have always been into sports and dancing and have done both from an early age. It is a massive part of who I am, I love the way I feel during and after so I use it to relieve stress, have fun, and to help keep my mind and body strong.

Holidays - I love to explore new places whether that be camping in a tent, in a caravan or a hotel near or far. It’s great to spend some quality time experiencing new cultures with family and friends and making new memories along the way.

My best achievement

I have a few achievements I am jointly proud of: Having my daughter who makes me proud every day, completing my Masters degree, finishing the London Marathon 2012- not in a winning time but was such a great event to be a part of - soaking up the atmosphere and knowing that the long training hours paid off, and a skydive (as I am scared of heights and flying!)

My top lifestyle tips

Eat well, move more, take rest and have fun

Overall, for a healthy lifestyle it is a balancing act of all of the above, which can seem daunting when starting out. Be kind to yourself by taking the time to gradually adapt in each of the areas.

The rest part is not to be neglected - getting the basics sorted by looking at your sleep hygiene could play a huge part in the success of all the other areas. The quality and quantity of your sleep is often overlooked when taking on a new healthier lifestyle. However, sleep is where our bodies adapt, recover, and replenish. Small changes like going to bed half an hour earlier, no screen time in the hour before bed, or reducing alcohol or caffeine before bed can all help to increase the quality and or the quantity of your sleep.

My favourite quote

“Don’t count the days, make the days count.”- Muhammed Ali

Advisor Emma skiiing